The Isle of Wight Hunt Supporters' Club

The Isle of Wight Hunt Supporters' Club. Almost all Hunts have a Hunt Supporters Club, which is a completely separate body from the Hunt itself with its own Constitution and Committee. The IW Hunt Supporters' Club raises money from subscriptions and fund raising activities, with which we purchase goods and services for the day to day running of the Hunt as our Constitution does not allow us to give cash. For example, we own, maintain insure and tax both the Lorry and Kennel Truck (previously the Knacker Wagon), and purchase items of equipment for the kennels. We pick up the expenses of "The Blower" newsletter over and above that raised by advertising. Almost all Hunt Subscribers are members of the Hunt Supporters Club and most of those are also in the 200 Club.

Hunt Supporters' Club membership for the 2017/18 season is £12 per person.

The Isle of Wight Hunt 200 Club.

For an extra £13 IWHSC members may join the 200 club. This is limited to 200 members and enters you into quarterly draws with total yearly prize monies of £1000, made up of £100, £75, £50 & £25 prizes.

Click here for a Hunt Supporters' Club application form.