Subscriptions and caps - 2016/17

Autumn hunting - before opening meet  
Subscribers are free providing subs. have been received in full or are on Standing Order (see below for breakdown). If neither of these options then payment will be required. However, if a subscription is taken up before the opening meet, any monies paid for autumn hunting will be deducted from the total.
Adult £15
Child under 16 £10
From the opening meet onwards  
Full sub £550 (1x£100 & 5x£90)
Young adult (22-28 years) £360 (6x£60)
Junior (17-21) £265 (1x£45 & 5x£44)
Children (16 years and under) £165 (6x£27.50)
Foot follower £125 (1x£25 & 5x£20)
Married couple foot follower £185 (1x£35 & 5x £30)
Foot subscriptions are voluntary, not compulsory. I say this because last season an infrequent foot follower told me that they could no longer come out as they could not justify a sub for a couple of days. I hastily explained that it was not compulsory but had been introduced as the regular 'footies' had wished to be included in the Subscribers list but, in their turn, could not justify a full riding sub. As the regulars well know, I always have my collection bucket on my arm and a donation into that is sufficient for the occasional follower.

A full subscriber (£550) is entitled to 2 guest days per. season @ £25 i.e. they can bring a guest who will pay £25 cap on 2 occasions.
Book of 10 tickets (can be shared with 1 other) £260 (1x£43 & 5x£45)
Book of 5 tickets (cannot be shared) £155 (1x£30 & 5x£25)
Regarding the book of ten - if sharing you must tell me, at time of purchase, who that other person is as both your names go on the ticket. However how you share them between you is not my concern. So you could have 5 each or 7 & 3; that is up to you.
Day caps
These always seem to cause a lot of confusion. They only apply if you are NOT a Subscriber or ticket holder. They are for a visitor to our pack or the person who only comes out rarely, say opening meet & Boxing Day (£35x2=£70). There is no point in this person buying 5 tickets at £155 but come out 4 times (£35x4=£140) and you would be better off with tickets as an extra £15 gets you a 5th day. Five tickets equal £31 per day. Ten tickets, which can be shared with one other person is £26 per day.
Subscribers free
Adult £35
Junior (17-21) £25
Children £15
Pony Club Members £10
Leading rein followers free
Leader of leading rein child (unless you are a subscriber and therefore free) £10

All subscriptions may be paid in 6 instalments from May to October

Please note that all those who enjoy our sport are expected to be members of the IW Hunt Supporters Club and the Countryside Alliance.

Subscriptions fall due 1st May and must be paid in full by the Opening Meet. Your Hunt is a year round enterprise, please show your support by paying promptly.


Full, Junior, Young Adult and Non-Mounted Subscribers benefit from the following during the 2015-2016 Season:-

  • Meet Card and Events notification
  • Updates regarding changes occurring throughout the Season
  • Eligible to be awarded the Hunt Button
  • Listing on Annual Report

To apply for a Subscription, please contact the Secretary. Arrangements to make payments by instalment are also available. Should you require further copies or have any questions/queries, please contact:

The Secretary, c/o The Kennels, Gatcombe, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 3EQ

£12 - Hunt Supporters' Club Yearly Membership. If you wish to take part in the 200 Club the cost for that is £13 (making a total of £25). Renewal date is 1st October each year. Application forms are available here.

Daily Collection at a Meet - For donations from anyone else who comes to the meet or follows hounds on foot or by car. The amount you put in the box is, of course, voluntary but please be as generous as you can.